Artist & Artisans

Come visit 80+ artist booths for a diverse selection of beautiful artwork including paintings, textiles, sculpture, pottery and ceramics, herbal products, fine woodworking, jewelry, and much more! Enjoy the fun-filled day while strolling through rows of artisan booths.

Butterfly Experience & Release

This one-of-a-kind attraction allows both children and adults an opportunity to learn about, view,  and interact with Monarch Butterflies in a way most people have never had the chance to before.

Monarch butterflies are iconic, the most recognized, and most friendly butterflies. They need assistance with repopulation and the butterfly release allows these butterflies to repopulate the areas they are released in.

They are majestic and friendly spirit animals. Many people have related stories of how the Monarchs they released hovered and stayed close to them as if to say I’m with you before they fluttered off.

Live Music

Experience the vibrant pulse of live music at the 2024 Monarch Festival at Art on the Parish Green! Dive into a diverse musical lineup, from the jazz-infused melodies to the mesmerizing blend of jazz, classical, progressive rock and more. Round off the day with the timeless allure of Bluegrass.  Monarch at Art on Parish Green promises an unforgettable sonic journey beneath the fluttering wings of monarch butterflies.

Food Trucks

Join us at the Monarch Festival at Art on the Parish Green, St Paul campus for a gastronomic delight like no other! Feast and revel with the delightful treats from our handpicked food trucks. From the creamy indulgences of Winks Ice Cream and the smoky allure of Smokin Franks, to the exotic flavors of Mai Thai, the oceanic treasures of Docks Seafood, and the golden crispy delights from Tendor Vendor by Fireside – we’ve got a plate for every palate. Mark your calendars and bring your appetite; our culinary stars await you!

Beer & Wine Garden

Who doesn’t love a cool beer to go with a day of enjoying art, butterflies, live music, and more?  If beer isn’t your thing? Local favorite Old 502 Winery will be serving their reds and whites for all to enjoy.

Kid’s Zone with Inflatables

The Kid’s Zone is a great place to bounce, jump, and play for our younger attendees. From inflatables to drum circles there are a variety of activities to keep the kids entertained after visiting with the Butterflies!